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Here at Heartless Productions, the artists are very talented. Without their dedication and drive - Heartless Productions wouldn't be where it is today.  Whether it's rapping, design, mixing, photography, or videography, Heartless Productions wouldn't be the same without these individuals.

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 Heartless (from Robbins, IL) is a hip-hop artist and sound engineer.  He brings the ambition to Heartless Productions.  He believes and proves that he can rap on any beat.  Not picky on the instrumentals, he just loves to rap, record, mix, and master tracks.

"Heartless Productions is a label like no other, with talented artists dedicated to their craft.  We bring exciting Content to the world by bringing them enjoyable entertainment"

- Heartless     


 Any and all interviews with the members of Heartless Productions will be here.  If you want to see your favorite artist under the spotlight, in the way of some questions to get under their skin, this is the place to be.  Check it.

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Interviews, Radio Stations, Freestyles, October 12th Show

Heartless Productions - our quest

Understand that, we make music for ourselves and for the people

 You can find more videos from Heartless Productions and it's artists on our Youtube Channel